The Purpose of Cuentologia

Cuentologia exists for one reason only: More confident and creative children in the world.

We are parents raising children in a completely different way than we were raised, and we know it's not easy. That's why we created Cuentologia.

Imagine a medicine cabinet, a toolbox full of audios, that you can turn to for that challenge you want to help your child overcome, for that topic you want to explain, or for that conversation you want to spark.

All our stories deal with today's themes, always respecting the fact that children clearly understand when we explain things to them. And every word we write is to help them not only understand but to feel, to experience sharing, helping, respecting those who look different from me, honoring the dead, valuing the work of dad and mom, including those who have no one to play with, enjoying mealtime, recognizing my emotions, controlling my impulses, strengthening my confidence, knowing that I can do anything, learning to listen, falling asleep listening, playing listening, imagining fascinating worlds just by listening.

Are you ready to listen to Cuentologia together?